Wednesday, 30 September 2009

October Challenge

I think it's well and truly time to get the sketch blog on the road! Firstly I want to get back into the habit of drawing and sketching on a regular basis (got out of the habit thanks to various real life things I won't bore you with here) and also to draw faster, better and just generally more! Here's the plan:

I've set myself a sketch a day challenge for the whole of October with a list of things that I either want to do, currently suck at doing and things I've just never got around to doing. That's at least 31 sketches! Some are one word suggestions, others are more specific and/or refer to games/film/STUFF. The list is very flexible and is mostly there in case I can't think of anything to draw on that day, if something else hits me then I'll do that instead and shift the list around, I'll also show the edits in this post.

If anyone feels like joining in feel free (a link would be nice too if you do, I'd love to see the results)! Also feel free to customize the list to things that you like/want as this is something I made specifically for me and most likely won't suit everyone.

October daily sketch challenge:

1: Polka dots Done
2: Dinosaurs Done
3: Under used OC Done
4: Pokemon Done
5: Ruins Kinda done
6: Eva (evangellion) Done
7: Redraw and old pic/character/idea Done
8: TF2 (changed due to recent obsession with TF2) Done
9: Up (shifted as this is the UK release date!)Done
10: MythologyDone
11: Under used OC 2
12: Monsters
13: Chibi
14: Kung Fu panda
15: Sonic
16: Hands/anatomy
17: Jak and Daxter
18: Bunnies
19: Bats
20: The wierd and wonderful
21: Anthro
22: Robots
23: Donald Duck
24: One Piece
25: Myst
26: Steampunk
27: Cute and creepy
28: Ratchet and Clank
29: Sonic Adventure
30: Professor Layton
31: Haloween

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