Friday, 16 October 2009

Day 12, 13 and a surrender

Well I'm now lagging 2 days behind schedule for this challenge, this is due to a combination of factors but I've decided to abandon it as I'm going to be moving house starting Monday. I actually thought it was going to be nearer the end of the month but either way it will most likely have a huge impact on what I can produce, especially as I'm already lagging behind, so I'm gonna drop most of them (I say most of them because there are still a few that I want to do regardless of me dropping the challenge). I guess it wouldn't have been much of a challenge if I'd managed to sail though the whole thing no problem XD Curse you real life *shakesfist*.

On a side note I'm planning on joining a critique forum(s?) again so I can actually get feedback and so insight into where and how I can improve. But there shall be more challenges in the future (hopefully a bit longer lasting than this one).

EDIT: and on a side not I really should start uploading my pics to photobucket or something, these Deviantart things really don't go with my layout ^-^;

Anyways, here are the last 2 pics of the challenge, Chibis and monsters (chibis are from Skies of Arcadia and the dragon is from Twilight Princess. Enjoy!):

Day 13: Skies of Arcadia by *Coffee-Shakes on deviantART

Day 12: Argorok by *Coffee-Shakes on deviantART

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