Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Well if you take a look at the date I last actually posted anything you can probably guess that things are on hiatus for the moment. I had to spend a week or two helping my parents to move house (seeing as I live with them this seemed like the sensible thing to do) as we had to do everything but the larger things by ourselves. Apparently you need exchange this thing called money in order to obtain these services. Yeah it shocked me too! Gotta get me some of that 'money' stuff. BUT we're in now and aside from the fact the walls have NO insulation and it's getting in to winter it's actually really nice! It's been a while since I've had access a huge garden.

What was that? You're not looking at my blog to hear about my home life? Fine... Arty things, arty things... Umm... Well here's the thing, I THINK I may have some artist's block. Why am I not sure? That would be because every time I've suffered with artist's block I usually have a grand total of 0 ideas and everything I try to draw goes wrong (or at least I think it's gone wrong). This time around I have a fair few ideas, mostly 4 panel comic strips for some reason, but every time I try to draw them I end up with a blank. I sit in front of my sketchbook or photoshop and stare at the blank sheet. It's like I've forgotten where to start or something. I'm wondering if it's a confidence crisis thing. I've been a graduate now for about 4 months (I'd like my degree now please) and I've essentially been told , indirectly I suppose, that no-one wants me or what I'm peddling. Nothing like a good kicking while you're down eh? Well OK not a kicking per se, everyone has been really nice actually, but I'm still jobless and that smarts somewhat.

I'm wondering if it's artist's block at all and instead it's a small dose of Atychiphobia (Don't worry, I had to look it up too. In fact it probably would have been easier to write it out normally but I wanted to use a long, confusing word :D Enjoy!).

Anyways I'm hoping to get this blog back up and running soon. Just need to figure out how one can actually kick themselves up the arse (or I'll give up and get someone else to do it. I think there's a queue outside). Once I have that down things will pick up.

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