Saturday, 16 July 2011

Year? What year?

Yeah, this blog has been collecting dust for a while now. Going to keep my reasons pretty short because the less said about what happened the better.

Essentially last year, just before the hospital fun time post, life handed me a great big slab of chocolate cake. Only later I found out that wasn't chocolate...

After getting some help from a few peoples for various things, I've now taken a great big step back from the source of my problems (MUCH easier said than done) and am now picking up the pieces. Very positive things happening here!

That said I really wouldn't change anything, somehow I came out of it a better person.

I'm going to be switching over to Tumblr for a while to see if I get on better with blogging over there. The image hosting thing makes it much better for a sketch blog so unless we really fall out at some point this may well be my last post here. I'm going to keep this blog for nostalgia based reasons right now but I may delete it at some point.

If you're interested, I'm now based here:
Some git has already taken my default name! *shakesfist*

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