Sunday, 29 August 2010

Back from the dead

Wow... Getting near to a year since my last post. What happened? Lots and lots of things, most of which haven't been too nice.

Firstly I got a job not too long after moving house! Not even close to what I actually wanted... A position as a trainee dental nurse. A nice solid career that can be taken anywhere with a high chance of employment whenever I need it. Great yes? Well.. kinda.. Aside from having the income and working with some awesome people there's the whole 12 hour shifts thing I have to deal with. Yes. 12 hours a day, sometimes even 15. And all for minimum wage. Thank you recession. But that said I'm now making enough to get by even if it does feel like I sold my soul and didn't get very much for it.

So, not much time for artings due to working all day long and crashing out at weekends. Some odds and sods but not much.

Then, just as we got some more solidly defined hours and the chance for a bit of time away from work my Dad went in for day surgery at our local hospital and still hasn't come out. He even died once last week and had to be brought round again. 5 operations later and he's finally in a position to actually communicate with us again even though the sedation has made him a bit loopy.

This on top of many other things has made me sit back and think about what's really important, I gave up on what I love simply because I couldn't make a living off of it. This in itself is a really crap reason. Life got me down and I gave up. This isn't why I started at all, I started because it was what I loved doing. Occasional praise was great but that wasn't why I kept going and I then let all the little things get to me. You know what? It's not worth it. Nobody thinks on their death bed "I wish I'd spent more time in the office".

Now I know what I want all I need is a plan of action. A good solid timetable I can follow to get me back in the swing and build up my confidence again. BRB.

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